Robot Evolution Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory T-shirts

Geeks are cool, and everyone wants to wear the best geek t-shirts from The Big Bang Theory! One of our favorites is the Robot Evolution T-shirt from the following episodes:

- Season 1, Episode 13 (The Bat Jar Conjecture)
- Season 2, Episode 8 (The Lizard-Spock Expansion)
- Season 4, Episodes 3 (The Zazzy Substitution), 10 (The Alien Parasite Hypothesis)and 19 (The Zarnecki Incursion)

This funny geek version of evolution is worn so many times on the show, we think it's also one of Sheldon's favorites! Sheldon's love of robots started in his childhood when he built a robot using parts from his sister's Easy Bake Oven. His behavior is so robot-like at times, his own friend thinks that C-3PO is like a "shiny Sheldon".

This shirt is the original design used for the TV show, and you can buy it now by clicking on the image below:


Also available in other colors:

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