National Hugging Day T-shirts

Today is National Hugging Day! The holiday was founded in 1986 in Cairo, Michigan, and has since spread to multiple countries. Hugs make you feel good, so lets celebrate with big hugs, whether it's a big bear hug, side to side hug, or a less intimate cheek hug.

One of the most memorable hugs of the past year is when Scott Van Duzer, owner of Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant, was visited by President Obama at his restaurant. In a daring move, Scott picked up President Obama and gave him a big bear hug! Definitely the best hug of 2012!

Did you know that hugging is actually good for your health? Studies have found that hugging can help build your immune system, decrease the risk of heart disease, and decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol in women.

Celebrate today by giving hugs to family, friends and loved ones. You'll love the warm feeling you get!

Here are a few of our favorite hugging tees to get us ready for a big hug:

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