Big Sister / Little Sister T-shirts

My sister recently gave birth to her third daughter, so it was a perfect time to design some new sister t-shirts to celebrate the new arrival! The big sister and middle sister were very proud to let people know about their new little sister!

We weren't surprised to have another girl in the family. After all, my mother had 3 girls, and her sisters had all girls. One of my sisters has 2 daughters, and the other now has 3. Any boy born into this family would get more attention than he could handle!

Celebrate being a big sister or little sister with fun sister t-shirts & sister onesies! Get matching tees for the big sister, little sister, big brother, or little brother!

Here's a selection of our favorites - SAVE 5% off any purchase of 2 or more shirts!

Big Sis t-shirt shirt I'm the Big Sister t-shirt shirt I'm the Big Sister t-shirt shirt
I'm the little sister shirt I'm the Little Sister t-shirt shirt I'm the Little Sister shirt

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Richard Rizzo said...

a wonderful design and a congrats to your sister.

Fun T-shirts said...

Thanks so much Richard! I appreciate your sweet message :)

Firecrackinmama said...

I saw these yesterday but didn't have time to comment. Wish they had been around when my Firecrackin girls were little. Boomin good job!!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Denise said...

How I wish that I could turn back the clock so that I can put them on my baby...

pamdicar said...

I love this line ...they are all sweet...and such cute models!