Who Dat T-shirts - 2010 Champions

Who Dat t-shirts | Who Dat 2010 Champions t-shirts

The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl 2010 from the Indianapolis Colts, and we're celebrating with Who Dat 2010 Champions t-shirts!

Apparently the NFL tried to claim trademark on the phrase last week, but the latest news states that it's been cleared up. - Attorney General Buddy Caldwell said he had a conference call with the NFL's general counsel to discuss cease-and-desist letters some Louisiana T-shirt makers received from the league. The letters demanded they stop selling shirts featuring the phrase that's part of a popular cheer by Saints fans, citing trademark infringement.

"They've conceded and they've said they have no intention of claiming the fleur-de-lis, which would be ridiculous, or the 'Who Dat,' which would be equally ridiculous," Caldwell said in an interview. The fleur-de-lis is a traditional symbol of New Orleans that's featured on Saints helmets. Canadian Press

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who dat t-shirts
We Dat t-shirt

Who Dat t-shirts - 2010 CHAMPIONS t-shirt
Who Dat - 2010 CHAMPIONS t-shirt

Who Dat T-Shirts
Who Dat T-Shirt

Who Dat Champions t-shirts
Who Dat Champions t-shirt

31-17 Who Dat? t-shirts
31-17 Who Dat? t-shirt

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